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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

ESRC Seminar 5 - There will be fireworks!

One of the key themes that we are returning to repeatedly throughout this seminar series is the question of corporate responsibility. Corporations shape our behaviour in a multitude of ways. They provide opportunity for consumption and non-consumption and provide us with a landscape of ‘normal’ that most people never question. They also Do Bad Things to our health and our environment. With power comes responsibility but with the emphasis on profit, what is the reality of corporate responsibility? How can we – or should we – change corporate behaviours?

This is the subject of our fifth seminar, to be held at The Royal Society on 1st December. With speakers From Unilever, The Portman Group and various esteemed academic institutions, the debate promises to sparkle. Be part of it by signing up here

  • Dr Richard Wright, Behavioural Science Director, Unilever
  • Professor Bernard Burnes, Chair of Organisational Change, University of Stirling
  • Professor Isabelle Szmigin, Professor of Marketing, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Marisa de Andrade, Lecturer and Programme Director, University of Edinburgh
  • Henry Ashworth, Chief Executive, The Portman Group
  • Will Gardner, Chief Executive, Childnet

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