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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Last week's seminar - as it happened

The live Twitter feed from last week's behaviour change seminar from our @bchangeseminars account.

21/09/2015 12:36
And we begin! Dr Tim Chatterton has kicked off proceedings #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:37
Tim is talking about his work on the 4 dimensions of behaviour. Easier to fill out a tax return than get a bus to work every day #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:38
Focus tends to be on small issues like carrier bag use rather than fossil fuels etc #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:40
Are people individual or social in their behaviours? #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:41
Might want to apply different theoretical tools to different types of behaviour change #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:42
E.g. individual behaviour change is important in terms of health, but not necessarily in terms of sustainability #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:43
Why focus on changing particular people when a lot of them won't be here in 2050 or are yet to be born at all? #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:46
We've made people behave more like individuals rather than a society over time. E.g. Changes in communities, work, social identity #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:47
Transport - the more vehicles, the less social connectivity #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:52
Putting all individual action within a social context is very important #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:52
Thatcher: no such thing as society, there are only men, women and families #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:54
Questions from the floor now. Discussing models for sustainable behaviour #esrc4
21/09/2015 12:55
Enjoy! RT @JMAGarrett: Taken the afternoon off to attend @ESRC @BChangeSeminars - looking forward it to! #ESRC4
21/09/2015 12:56
Tim C - doesn't dismiss the importance of looking at individuals, but thinks there should be a pushback #ESRC4
21/09/2015 12:57
Tim C - what is important is that we try to do SOMETHING rather than nothing about climate change #ESRC4
21/09/2015 12:58
Syrian crisis is an example of a compassionate driver in action. Compassion is a useful motivator for sustainable behaviour #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:00
Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh is now up #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:01
Talking about work on behavioural spillover. Behavioural change or lifestyle change? #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:02
After decades of information campaigns individuals aren't really changing behaviours #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:03
Problem is that there is a focus on individual behaviour or consumer behaviour #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:04
We need to understand behaviour across contexts, not just specific individual behaviours #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:04
Attempts to link up behaviours across contexts are often missed #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:06
Where behavioural spillover comes in. Catalyst effect - one behaviours leads to another and hopefully overall lifestyle change #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:07
How consistent are people across 'green' behaviours? #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:08
Consistent green behaviours within certain contexts, e.g. In the home #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:09
People are only moderately consistent in their behaviours at best #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:12
Effects of spillover in the real world. The Welsh carrier bag charge - did it effect other green behaviours? No significant change #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:14
How can we produce spillover? Can we make it happen? #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:15
Get people to think like they are a 'green' person. #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:16
A lot of potential in spillover research, but difficult to produce. May just be related to small behaviours - we don't know yet #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:17
Lorraine Whitmarsh concludes her talk #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:23
RT @IanBarrettSW: "New ways of encouraging green behaviours that can match the scale of the.. challenge are needed" @lwhitmarsh #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:23
RT @BexMcIntosh: Stoked to be in Bristol again listening to the best brains on #behaviour change @ESRC #esrc4
21/09/2015 13:24
RT @JMAGarrett: Is it impossible to achieve social change in an individualist nation with a right wing government? #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:26
Q&A done - Dan Welch is now the last speaker before the break. #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:26
Dan is a critical advocate of social practice theory #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:27
Theories of social practice offer novel perspective to solve the kind of problems that behaviour change deals with #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:28
Social practices are organised and recognisable, socially shared bundles of activity #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:30
Practices are socially recognisable things, have a history and a trajectory #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:31
Practices become a unit of intervention rather than the values we attribute to them #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:32
The portfolio model. Assumes behaviour is driven by something else. Eg norms, attitudes, values etc #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:33
Behaving means selecting from this portfolio. This fundamentally overestimates the role of choice in practices #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:33
Also underestimates constraints #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:34
From a practice perspective the suggestion is to look to the dynamics of social practices to see how we can change things #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:35
A matter of constraints, conventions, infrastructure etc #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:37
Need a new evidence base about the synchronising of practices #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:38
If we intervene at a level of meaning rather than through infrastructure (or vice versa) we are far less likely to be successful #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:38
It's difficult to model the processes of change #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:39
Systemic change not behaviour change? Whose behaviour needs changing? #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:40
Demand reduction is very important. Also there is a link between inequality and sustainability #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:40
Bigger income tends to mean a bigger carbon footprint. We need to strongly link the inequality to sustainability #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:40
Dan welch concludes his talk #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:41
RT @IanBarrettSW: Dan Welch says understanding social practice puts "collective social change over individual behaviour change" #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:42
RT @Natalie_Horne: Great talk on spillover #behaviourchange by Prof Whitmarsh. Carrier bags and cupcakes post:  #ESRC4
21/09/2015 13:47
RT @JMAGarrett: To reduce resource demand, inequality must be strongly linked to sustainable practices: top earners are far more responsible
21/09/2015 14:18
The break is coming to an end (lovely pastries @wshed) #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:18
Adam Cooper is next up to talk #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:20
What is behaviour change? We need to get under the skin of what we're talking about #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:21
Within policy it's an intermediate outcome of interest, like education innovation or growth #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:21
It can almost be like a flag in the ground for policy - like social capital. #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:22
Essentially BC is not about people - it's about the brain, the bits of the brain that determine behaviour #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:23
Problematic - not really about behaviour but about choice #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:24
Promotes a 'standard model' of the human. It's the narrowing of social science input #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:26
Social sciences limit their interdisciplinarity with physical sciences. Negative consequences for policy outcomes #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:28
Bringing the social and the physical together: affordances. Objects shape what we do and how we behave #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:31
Material properties matter. Micro and macro infrastructure - engineers and social scientists both have a role to play #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:32
Deep interdisciplinarity with physical sciences - the material has important properties #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:33
To exploit this requires socio-technical designs and integration of social and physical methods #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:34
Need to move beyond standard policy levers. Recognise a lot of policy is about building infrastructure #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:35
Plan physical element with social science built in to it #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:36
Adam Cooper has finished his talk, questions from the floor now #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:44
Chris Holmes is now talking #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:45
Chris works in sustainability and health and will be talking about business building behaviour #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:46
RT @Clairemhopkins: #ESRC4 Dr Cooper calls for greater integration of social science with technical & infrastructure dev'mts.
21/09/2015 14:47
There is no shortage of need, and we know nudge works and also how it works, but still not making much progress #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:47
Apple iPhone has brought the most global behaviour change in recent times #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:50
Very few commercial organisations have read the theory and research behind behaviour change #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:51
Need to have more evidence based product development #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:53
Need to make it usable and something that people can interact with it. Science, art and design and economic contexts all important #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:55
Should we be in love with 'big data'? Probably only 1 or 2% of population are interested! #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:57
Big data - e.g. Nectar card incentivising people to buy products when the data tells them they've stopped buying them. #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:58
But doesn't tell you WHY they e stopped buying #ESRC4
21/09/2015 14:59
We need to build-on rather than re-build research design, develop consortia and add recognition and reward #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:03
Start funding concept rather than end product #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:05
Chris Holmes concludes his talk, now for some questions #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:06
Dr Chatterton wants clarification on Chris's theories in the specific context of sustainability #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:14
Adam Roberts from DECC is now speaking. #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:15
Nudging will remain part of the strategy at DECC - fits with the mission of more for less #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:18
Energy use behaviour is important. Only 40% of variation is explained by property type, income and tenure #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:19
Newcastle heating controls advice trials. Trusted messenger advice was welcome but no overall energy reduction #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:20
Difficult to change behaviour through advice and info alone #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:21
Energy is rarely consciously interacted with #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:23
Discussing current DECC led research, including Behaviours in Organisations (BIO) and Behaviour Change Endurance #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:24
Hoping to do more aspirational work soon at DECC. Should help them start chipping away at these topics #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:25
There is public concern about climate change, but little action. #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:26
Hoping to generate a compelling narrative about what a low carbon future will look like #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:29
What are the non-rational behaviours in society? Should we target them? #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:30
Could a sociological approach inform macro behavioural change? #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:30
RT @BexMcIntosh: "We don't have time to fail" @Tim_Chatterton on #behaviour change for #climatechange - why knowledge sharing is so important
21/09/2015 15:32
Questions for Adam now. Could pre-payment meters reduce energy use by making us more aware of what we're spending?
21/09/2015 15:37
Dr Spotswood - is it about just using the right buzzwords to get people to start listening? #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:40
RT @BexMcIntosh: In 5 yrs solar installation increased 100% and reduced costs by x5. Surely driven in part by action orientated policies
21/09/2015 15:43
Broader questions from the floor to the whole panel now. #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:48
Signing off now as the gadget battery life is failing us! Hopefully you have enjoyed today's tweets. More on the blog soon #ESRC4
21/09/2015 15:49
Thanks to all those who attended, and to all of our speakers today. See you at our next event in December #ESRC4

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