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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Only 6 weeks left to book your place at the next seminar!

Only 6 more weeks to wait until the next in the series of ESRC-funded seminars on behaviour change. This time the discussion will centre on food, physical activity and obesity. With diabetes back in the news and counter-obesity measures making the news literally on a daily basis, there is a certain urgency to this next topic. This summer we see skinny cyclists racing up steep mountains in France (and Yorkshire) and we see elite athletes locked in competition in Glasgow, but most of the rest of us are sedentary, poorly nourished and increasingly suffering the consequences. At the September seminar, academics and policy representatives from a range of backgrounds will explore their own views on the big question - what can we do to halt the growing obesity epidemic? An inter-disciplinary discussion will be encouraged and delegates will be invited to participate in the debate. Book your place now - there's no lunch, but it is free! Email - amy2.beardmore@uwe.ac.uk

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